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Massively appealing heavy rock four-piece NIGHT THIEVES are poised to climb higher with their blistering new EP, Polarity, out now. The UK rockers have also just delivered their deeply alluring new single and video, Through The Looking Glass.


NIGHT THIEVES have already gathered distinguished support from Metal Hammer, Planet Rock, Powerplay, BBC Radio One, Rock Radio Magazine, Fireworks Magazine, Total Rock, and ERB Magazine, and the band are set kick on even further this year. Coming at you from the nation’s capital and initially formed as a trio comprising Jess Moyle (Vocals), Paul Andrew (Guitar), and Rick Hunter-Burns (Bass), NIGHT THIEVES soon acquired favourable comparisons to everyone from Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, Architects, and Spiritbox. Unleashing a sound that is drenched with stout riffery, stimulating phrasing, and entrancing vocal lines, the band soon picked up a army of followers after a slew of highly engaging live performances and the release of their hugely promising debut EP, Battle Cry, which was produced by Jason Wilson (Dinosaur Pile-up, Reuben).


The Londoners continued to perfect their craft and pushed onwards, working with Paul Visser (Black Orchid Empire, Hawxx) for their sophomore EP, Spiral. The EP helped to lift NIGHT THIEVES again and ignited the support of major press and radio. Another successful run of live shows also backed the EP, and suitably rounded off the release cycle. Following on from the success of Spiral, NIGHT THIEVES headed into the studio with Romesh Dodengoda (BMTH, Funeral For A Friend) to work on their next EP, Polarity. The band state: “We sent over our demos and Romesh loved the songs and had some great ideas for them. We didn’t have a drummer at the time but were fortunate to have Tom Connolly from Dream State fill in for us.”


Polarity is a breath-taking record with each track demonstrating the band’s formidable use of engaging dynamics and crushing rhythms. Pummeling riffs are lurched against anthemic hooks, and this compelling blend is simply stunning. Facilitated by a lyrical focus that investigates opposing views and versions of events, the record holds surprises for the deep thinker, and now with the arrival of new drummer Ryan Delglyn, NIGHT THIEVES are set to thrive.

Night Thieves Full Band 2 web.jpg


Jess Moyle - Vocals

Paul Andrew - Guitar

Rick Hunter-Burns - Bass

Ryan Delglyn - Drums

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